I have a feud

A lot of the athletes we treat are running around and posting all kinds of great and motivational quotes and pictures. It has become easy to identify with certain “Heros” of Your sport through the internet.

Lately I see more parents posting them too. I hear coaches quoting them.

You all are forgetting one thing.

“There is no JUST…in JUST DO IT…” (S.Godin) Lot’s of people in our industy claim, that all You need to do is put on the shoes, buy the racquet, jump, sprint and WIN. While quoting and posting all of this, people forget that it takes way more than motivation for the start and the finish – NOBODY TALKS THE TIME “INBETWEEN”. What I mean by that is:

We need to paraphrase our “Just do it” and ask:

Just do …- What exactly?

Just do it – when exactly?

Just do it – why exactly?

Just do it  – how exactly?

This is what coaching is about, this is what makes leading and guiding athletes so difficult. Especially young, adolescent athletes AND their parents.


Over hundreds, maybe thousands of years people have been trying to figure out how to improve performance. And all of them come to the conclusion, that planning and monitoring are the 2 essential tools to guiding the athlete or adept. There are scientific basics to every sport and how to train it. But, You need to do more! Sit down before YOU  “Just do…”- anything. Think about WHAT is necessary in order to take the next step. Plan WHEN will this step be reached ? And question, when does it make sense? Sit down and search yourself WHY exactly this step or this method is the one You choose? Perhaps You are only following Your “best practice” method…? Sit down and think about HOW exactly will You teach, the WHAT, WHEN and WHY…and Dear Coaches and Parents – the method is not being choosen by Your experience or what “somebody said”, ADAPT to your athletes demands. Because not everybody is the same!

It seems common sense but it’s not. Search Yourself and be honest, how often do you switch schedules, plans and coaches, because you react to a temporary phase or mood?

At BB UYP we even see parents that try to tell us, that there are sports in which planning and monitoring is impossible. I like to tell this to topathletes of these disciplines when I meet them. Usually I receive a very loud and profund laughter with the response, that planning and monitoring in this sport is the most important thing at all. Right, because it is so complicated and influenced by so many distractions in their sport. And with every year that athletes and their entourage grow into the age where they need to start planning and scheduling, I see families and coaches stating that they will be the first to prove that it is unnecessary or impossible in this sport…well, it’s been 16 Years and I am still waiting for someone to prove it. Meanwhile I see young careers turning to dust, burnt out coaches, fed up parents, entwined families, coachhoppers…I’m sure You’ve seen it too. But just a paragraph ago it all seemed like common sense, right?

Coaches and Parents if You don’t plan midterm and longterm, if You don’t monitor Your kids and athletes regardless of the sports. You will fail, Your children will learn to fail instead to win, You and them will feel overchallenged and helpless. You will create chaos and this will reflect on you. Coaches will first be known as “unorganized” later as “unable” or even as “Bad”. Parents, after hopping,switching and following all the “really good coaches” and GURUS there are,  You will probably even injure Your Kids. Of course not intentionally.


Plan early, monitor a lot, think long and strong and stick to it period. This is the part we need powerful “oneliners” and quotes for. We don’t need to praise the feeling of victory. We need to celebrate the journey and accept what it demands us to do.  Unlock Your potential is not the quality of getting back up quickly when you fall – it’s staying down- for as long as you need to…until it’s time to get back up.

But that better be planned well…






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