“The whole” is always greater than the sum of its parts – Supplements

In the last couple of weeks I have been asked a lot about supplementation again. What do I think of it? How and what should You supplement? Are BCAAs better ? Should I go for Whey Protein? Is Arginine Nephrotoxic?

You see the Problem is, It’s an industry and as long as they can get You confused, they sell to You. This applies for a broad sector of adolescent athletes and ambitioned athletes. No doubt, supplements have their place in high performance sports and are helpful. And no the majority of products are not dangerous.

“So it can’t hurt taking it, right?” Sadly the answer is, YES it can. I am not speaking about contaminated products. We see a lot of athletes trying to supplement for a missing necessity. This  kills Your foundation for performance. What does that mean?

I see people missing lunch because they finished an “important” email. They try to compensate this with a proteinshake. We hear people say, that their schedules are to packed for meals and snacks, or that prepping their meals the day before is to much of a hassle.

These people have a priorityproblem not a supplementationproblem.

You can’t supplement for a poor choice in priority. 

Don’t try to change “THE WHOLE”  by supplementing “PARTS” to recalculate Your “SUM”.

So, before You bother spending money on supplements, take Your time to sit down with a pen and Paper a calender and a watch.  Make a mealplan using the simplest of rules that You picked up in gradeschool. I don’t need to tell You that Broccoli is better for You than Potatochips. That’s gradeschoolknowledge. Forget about fibrous carbs vs. complex carbs. Forget about the chemical concept of different diets. Now believe it or not and yes I am writing this here, yes me – Mr.Scientificalizeverything


For the beginning just stick to:

3 healthy meals a day ( Don’t bother if You start with Omelette or Oats, just no cornflakes or Toast or stuff )

2 Snacks a day ( Snack in the sense of Banana or Carrot…)

Drink enough water

Sleep a lot

REPEAT 90 times and see what happens, oh and NO Cheatdays!

I assure You, You will feel good, perform good and You will look different. No magic supplement needed. The Supplement is not a necessary thing. Your ” whole” diet, over the years is! It’s Your foundation, Don’t miss this, this can’t be supplemented.

If You finish this cycle successfully, then we can talk diets and Your Bloodscreening.








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