The Tanaka-Phenomenon

Or how everybody sees where You are – eventhough how You got here is more important.

In my generation one of the male “Silverscreen”-Heroes is Jean-Claude van Damme who starred in a martial arts movie called “Bloodsport”.

Referring to the movie Bloodsport, van Dammes Mentor is “Mr. Tanaka” We will not see much of him in the movie and foremost not learn what makes his way of teaching and his technique so special in detail. Tanaka is needed to explain WHY the hero get’s to be the best. But HOW DID HE DO IT?

I decided to dedicate this Post to the small footsteps a hero makes without anyone noticing. The Part that is not in the movie. I call this unnoticed progress “the Tanaka-phenomenon”

Now You see, in our job as Therapists we rarely whitness “The Changing Moment” and sometimes are present when our Athletes meet “Victory”. What we whitness is the time inbetween. It is exaclty THAT time that movies fast forward and only show the milestones completed. Then these milestones are what we like to consume as our “motivational espresso”. But the real fascinating part is working on the tiny little aspects of Your art. Developing a sense of perfection for one little aspect of a big kinetic chain or motion.

Like hitting a perfect forehand, executing a perfect triplejump, the perfect Roundhousekick, a fastball, easy and fluid slamdunk, or the perfect breaststroke in swimming…whatever sport You do, this is how You master the movement. Repeating this with the next part of Your movement leads to an economization of motion in Your Body.

This will save lot’s of energy, concentration and increase capacity of repetition…it is a very good path to hit the “Dim Mak”.

So from today – CELEBRATE TODAYS tiny twists, bends and micromovements, that you improved – these are the true ACHIEVEMENTS !

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