“The whole” is always greater than the sum of its parts II – dieting doesn’t work!

I have been asked to “diet” people into shape and write them a mealplan…forget it!

Parents ask me what their athlete-kids should eat in order to become No.1 or to prevent injury.

I treated athletes trying to change division, or ones that had to loose some pounds to perform better.  Have You tried to diet?… I mean just writing this makes me cringe. It doesn’t work!

Why ?

In order to perform on the level You want. You need to do a lot of things right – especially prioritize . You have to act correct, sleep correct, eat correct over and over. Change takes time and Your Bodycells will adapt over time, Yes only over time. If You train and reduce Your caloric intake, You have to adapt Your training just as if You would cut down on sleep. As said before You can’t outtrain a poor eating habits or insufficient sleep. I don’t care what Your goal is – loosing weight, gaining muscle, metabolic increase…the truth is, there is no quick fix, no shortcut. But let’s get this right. I am not trying to start one of those spectacular, motivational posts – in fact I want to talk about something totally unspectacular…

…the hardest part in Nutrition – something called           Consistency !

Consistency is not reached within a timeperiod or cycle – it is something You do on a daily and hourly basis. Therefore You need to make it a habit. Now, that is in the least spectacular.

So what should You do?

Whatever “Plan” You are following, stick to it, patiently and persistently – for how long? For very long!

No cheatdays! Instead have a “cheatmeal” once a while – but then go back to eating “clean”

Don’t diet, it’s a trap – A diet binds You to “Jojo” back, that’s what it is supposed to do.

So don’t diet, go slow on change and let Your body adapt to what you are offering as nutrition. Just as one beer on one evening  in one week doesn’t ruin Your whole Nutritionplan, one piece of Broccoli doesn’t detox or change Your poor eatinghabits. And here is the hard part for most of us. The mental meltdown –

“S…t Yesterday I blew it totally!  oh well then I might as well “goof” for the rest of the weekend and restart on Monday.”

Don’t restart! Just keep going, as if nothing happened. Tick off Your guilt, Your bad feelings and focus back on track. That is what is hard about it.  Keep going patiently and persistently. After You failed yourself.

Diet’s don’t work. Changing Your life does.

But we all know that is a whole different topic…


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