Standing on the shoulders of Giants or the pursuit of Mastery

So, when You’re standing on the shoulders of giants, what do You see?

A question I am trying to answer to my employees.

I consider myself very lucky having met, worked with, shared, discussed and learned from a few of the most inspirational human beings in the world. Some of them, I proudly even call my friends.

Now it is my turn to help my team see what I see from this perspective, and not only share my vision but have them create one of their own, together with me.

For the next couple of months Team Burgess will be going on field trips to meet up with the finest:

Brandmanufacturers, Leaders, Rolemodels, Top-athletes and inspirational humans.

We are on a quest about: People, Proficiency and Potential. Who are they ? What drives them ? What makes them special? And what led them to excellence?

Today we started off near Stuttgart in Herrenberg Walter Knoll opened their doors especially for us. They let us witness how excellence is being furnished. Mr. Markus Benz the CEO and founder of Walter Knoll as we know it today.

Markus has the ability to materialize visions. He not only restructured an entire company but creates an artform from the process of developing an Idea itself. Contemporary excellence is what his company delivers day by day. Emotions are woven into the products they build. And it shows. If You visit it even is palpable. For us as Therapists, exactly this was an amazing experience.

Wan’t to know if You use good fabric ? Let a Physio palpate Your Product

Indeed, we were astonished by what we could touch and even know about the leather being processed. The statics of a chair and it’s comforting form where intensely inspected by us. The way the furniture “handles You” the person using it. We experienced it’s comforting effect on Your vegetative nevous system. – what an experience! We got to ask our questiones, all of them and also the hard ones. And believe me, just like Markus Benz, his employees are inspired. From the knitter to the upholsterer, the leather-guy and the moderator of todays discussion rounds

Markus Benz always found some time in his busy schedule for me. He helped me create Ideas and work on projects I would have never imagined. Introduced me to more giants like himself, lending me their shoulder. And I am very grateful for him taking me seriousely. Discussing with me and finding my little company and Ideas worth criticising. I have never met a more constructive person. The guys @ and their leader Markus Benz really unlock potential.

Meet him and his Ideas here:

What we learned today:

We seem to understand,  that furniture creates or manipulates communication. This  leads to atmosphere. This creates interaction and becomes human sentiment – even wellbeing. So furniture not only works on Your spine but also Your spirit.

Something we physios deal with on a daily basis. We connect, communicate through our treatment. Not only with the patient but…even with the tissue itself. We interact with the fabric of the human body.

We return, packed with information. Humbled and totally inspired.

We wish to thank the entire team of Walter Knoll for being an inspiration.

Thank You for letting us peak over Your shoulder dear giant.

Get inspired and take a look around

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