“The Pause is as important as the Note”

I borrowed this quote by Truman Fisher, on the birthday of a special athlete I used to work with.

Pausing obviousely comes to mind in the field of music. Pausing here is an active state of doing something, nothing. Or, it better be nothing when You are that percussionguy.

Others might think of sports and rhythm, creating rhythm, breaking rhythm. Breathe in rhythm. Pause. Silence.

All this makes the pause appear as a necessity eventhough it isn’t. Not in our world today, here it is a choice. Embraced or rejected, in anyway it confronts us. The pause always looks different from Your own perspective. Depending from where You come, to where You are heading. The Pause is always now, never later. As You are reading this it could be the pathway to mindfulness, being in the moment. And already you are doing something – being mindful for example. Letting go of something. To pause is none of this. It is not a break – it is more than that.

From the persective of a neurology teacher I must say it is a highly active state of mind. As a physio and coach I know far better than to associate it with relaxation. The pause emphasizes this moment. All of it, that is why sometimes it is too much and we rather rush further until we reach a point where we can handle “all of it”. Same as moving forward through a movementpattern until we reach the point where we are able to pause. Driven by the mind or urged further by the body to reach a point in time and motion until we can – pause.

The pause is more flow than stop, it keeps moving even if you come to a halt. It distilles ones situation and highlights it as NOW. Our concept of now was to be related to so called timecells in our hippocampus. Come to find out, these cells were never the keepers of our time but help to space pauses of firingrates of our synapses. These synapses throughout our cortical regions communicate in rhythm and connect our cerebral regions. This creates our perception of time. The rhythm, the pause, the rhythm.

A pause in motion changes activitypatterns in the cortex. It stimulates subcortical regions or inhibits them. Also here it is far from stopping. Not even the motorpathways stop working. Activating loops are still running but may not be engaged into the current working system. Others are enclosed into the circuit. A pause of motion therefore is not a stop at once. But it is all at once.

To Pause means changing patterns in our central and peripheral nervous system, to create something new in our environment and sensation – a pause. For as long as we live, we can’t stop – but we can pause and create NOWNESS.

Thank you for stopping by now.

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