To rise and move in a billowing or swelling manner.

To move like advancing waves.

To increase suddenly

= to surge

This Blog is about “US” and what lies in “US”  – Mankind
It is about  – POTENTIAL
OUR capability of being something that not yet exists.
OUR, inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or coming into being Yourself. Some would say “be free” or “be more” – I like to think of it as “reaching further than You can imagine.”
This Blog is to help and find the right tools for work required to move “US” from a reference point to a designated point in our life and in our health. Furthermore, to drive “US” to an amazing performance.
My Name is Ben Burgess. I am the son of a Jazzman, a Sportsphysiotherapist and just another human being trying to make it…
Through my daily work with highperformance-athletes, key-players and celebrities I found that changing some simple habits in motion and mindset, improve movment, health, skill and with it performance. Often even the quality of life itself.
This Blog is an invitation to share experiences, thoughts, hints, tips or what you do to come through. Foremost I wish to share the uncool stuff because I believe that is what makes the difference.
Wheather You are highly trained in mind and body or not – let’s share and UNLOCK OUR POTENTIAL – Let’s start “THE SURGE”

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